Capoeira FALL 2016 71648 (HW-157-71648.201670)

Credits 1
Faculty Ursula Wing
Bachelor Science, Communications, NYU 1999
Capoeira Instructor level – Red-blue cord
212 274 9203
Location 1 Pace Plaza CIVIC GYM
Schedule 09/13/2016 – 12/20/2016
Tuesdays 10:05AM – 12:05AM
Course Description This course provides students with a beginner’s understanding of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art and dance form developed by enslaved Africans during the 16th Century in Brazil. Students will learn basic movements including kicks, dodges, flourishes and how to approach fluid interaction and expression within the Capoeira circle or “game.” Percussion instruments and the rhythms and songs, the tempo of which governs the game, will also be covered. Previous martial arts or dance experience is not necessary.
Content and philosophy Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts,
sports, and music. Practitioners are often referred to as fighters that
dance or dancers that fight. While it is essentially a martial art, the
practice in general focuses on being able to improvise movement with a
partner keeping a constant flow and avoiding contact, while still
feigning it. That partly explains why the equivalent of sparring in
capoeira is called playing, as partners are usually testing each other’s
skills while avoiding actual harm.
The focus of the course will be to develop these skills, which require
body and space awareness, movement, strategy and harmony.
Organization Classes encompass physical training, music and explanation of
movements before finishing in a “Roda” or Capoeira circle.
Each class begins with a 20-30 minute warm-up including cardio and
stretching. This is followed by a review of the previous week’s
movements, introduction of 1-2 new movements (either a kick, dodge,
or flourish), and incorporation into a sequence and/or partner exercise.
Core and upper-body conditioning are assigned throughout. Classes
finish with a music portion and Roda (Capoeira circle) in which
students can use what they have learned in class in a real game.
Students will be assigned a 1-page essay on the history of capoeira the
second week of class, and required to present it to the rest of the class
weeks 4-6.
Evaluation and grading Class attendance: 80%
Students are permitted up to 2 absences without impact to the final
grade. Absences can be made-up by attending class with my Capoeira
teacher (YMCA (63rd st. & CPW) Tuesdays 6-7:30pm, Sundays 1:30-
History essay and presentation: 20%
Students are required to research one cultural artifact related to
Capoeira and write a 1-2 page essay to be presented to the class.
While students are expected to be able to perform basic movements by
the end of the course, failure to do so will not translate to failure of the
course; Physical ability is not graded.
Policies and objectives Students must arrive on time for classes and wear appropriate clothing.
Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes such as t-shirts and
sweatpants/leggings and either bare feet, or light sneakers that will not
injure others if there is contact. Capoeira uniforms are encouraged but
not required.
Risk and responsibility All students are expected to inform the teacher of previous injuries and
are encouraged to be cleared for physical activity with their own
medical professionals. As with any physical activity, there is risk
associated with participating in a capoeira class. Risk is minimized
through qualified instruction, but each student is reminded to take
responsibility to minimize their own injuries through conscious
practice. Students are asked to exercise discretion when trying more
advanced or elaborate movements and to refrain from attempting
moves they do not believe to be apt for. It is strongly recommended that
students have a student or personal health/accident insurance policy.